SSPD-157 His wife secretly had an affair with her former teacher

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After ten years of graduating, there was finally a class reunion held, especially with the participation of the old homeroom teacher - the person to whom student Saeko had previously confessed her failure. That day, both Saeko and her husband participated together because her current husband was also a former high school classmate. While he was happily chatting with his best friend and his wife came to interact with the teacher, she suddenly encountered a problem. Suddenly received a phone call from my superior reporting a work incident. This forced him to immediately go to the company to work overtime until morning to keep up with the schedule, leaving his wife and the fun behind. When the class reunion was almost over, Saekho was also drowsy from drinking too much alcohol. Seeing that, her old homeroom teacher immediately took her to rest in a nearby hotel. At this moment, emotions rushed back, he expressed his regret before rejecting her confession and he wanted to make love to her for the first and last time to repay her. that regret. Throughout that night until the next morning, their fun did not stop...

SSPD-157 His wife secretly had an affair with her former teacher

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