IPX-846 Sorry husband, only dad can satisfy my sexual desires

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My mother-in-law passed away half a year ago, and my father-in-law constantly turned to alcohol because he was so lonely. My husband saw that so he took my father to live with us for three months. But dad drank even more than before and kept coming to ask me for money. I want to have children with my husband, but this situation continues and I can't feel secure. My husband is a gentle, hard-working and a bit shy person. Every time I talk to my father, my husband trembles and doesn't dare to speak his mind. As a result, everything remains the same. After being married for a while, my husband was always busy with work, now adding in his father's problems made our sex not good, once a month was too much. I always felt deprived, lonely, and had to masturbate every time my father went to bed. But one time, I thought my dad was asleep so I went back to my room to masturbate, but he woke up at that exact moment and witnessed everything! And dad knew my secret and took advantage of this to rape me! But in my heart, something seems to be changing. My mouth said "no" but my body wanted to be fucked more by my dad! We continuously fuck each other when my husband is not home. Dad didn't use a condom every time he fucked me, and of course, sometimes he ejaculated inside me... “Sorry husband that I'm a promiscuous woman, but only dad can satisfy my sexual needs..."

IPX-846 Sorry husband, only dad can satisfy my sexual desires

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